Brute XMLRPC 2.11

 WP-LOGIN Bruteforce [10 macros] v.2.11

 refactoring code
add new macros [REVERSE] - example: (ADMIN = NIMDA)
update ssl library
add ssl_x64 (folder \ SSL_x64 \)
enum 3 users

top password list


This is an exploit for Wordpress xmlrpc.php System Multicall function affecting the most current version of Wordpress (3.5.1). The exploit works by sending 1,000+ auth attempts per request to xmlrpc.php in order to "brute force" valid Wordpress users and will iterate through whole wordlists until a valid user response is acquired. It will then selectively acquire and display the valid username and password to login.

  Get to know Brute Force Attack

Brute Force is an attack carried out to decipher passwords by trying every password until finally finding the right one. Hackers will use an algorithm that combines letters, numbers and symbols to generate a password for the attack. Like trying to use the word "password" which is written and combined with symbols to make it become "p @ $$ word".
Generally, hackers have a large number of word lists to guess possible passwords. This attack can take several minutes, months or even years depending on the strength of the password used by the target. Therefore, hackers usually carry out this attack using an intelligent tool to organise a list of words and automatically guess the user's password.

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Windows 10,8,
Recommended : Framework 4.5
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Brute XMLRPC 2.11

 Note: Don't use it on your personal computer, rather use it on RDP, VPS or Sandbox better

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