Zone-H Grabber Prot

 Zone-H Grabber Prot

 Hello, as you know, the most popular and well-known zone(mirror) registry site is zone-h.org – com. From this site, where many hackers from around the world register sites, you may sometimes need sites that are registered. In this site, where you can archive and record sites both for obtaining more site lists and for your own work, it automatically pulls 50 pages for you without any problems, instead of taking the site names one by one.
Zone-h pulls in at most 1250 sites as it only shows the first 50 pages. If you do this for each user, you can get thousands of site listings.

Zone-H Grabber Prot

With this tool coded by X-Splinter  you can easily shoot sites.
In the notifier section, write the person you want to draw the site list and press start.
After the scan is finished, right click and save the domains or IP addresses

How To Grab Unlimited Sites

Method shells with 2 bots priv8

Download 🔓 Password: tr