What Is SMS Gateway❓

 What Is SMS Gateway❓

 It is used to send bulk sms for sms marketing or sms
 spamming using a android device with a sim

method send sms

 Where To Host❓

 if you host it in a free hosting then your gateway
wont be strong. To make it stron I recommend to
purchase a domain and make sure it have a good
reputation. The other way to make it stron is to
use Hacked Cpanels with good domains

SMS Gateway


[+] firstly download file
[+] Now open login to your cpanel and open file manager.
[+] Now Open public_html folder.
[+] Now click on Upload.
[+] Now wait till uploaded.
[+] after that move back to the file manager and hit the refresh button.
[+] Now the file should be inside public_htm. and click on extract.
[+] Wait till extraction complete
[+] Now you should see a extracted folder. And now you can open your website or domain.
[+] now go to MySQL Databases.
[+] create a new database name it whatever you like
[+] Now create a new user
[+] You can rename the folder for your ease.
[+] Now add your user to the database.
[+] Now Go to your website. and click next
[+] Now add a name for your acc and add your email an Password.
[+] Now in Database host input localhost.
[+] and add the name,user,pass from the db we created
[+] After Adding those we need firebase key.
[+] click to create a new project.
[+] Now just click Continue.
[+] Click on Create project.
[+] after done click continue.
[+] Now click on the settings and move to project settings.
[+] Now move to cloud messaging tab and copy firebase sneder id and server key.
[+] Now Add firebase server key in sms gateway setup and paste sender id too.
[+] Now in envato purchase code enter
[+] b1652e25-3739-434e-90ac-dade322c4274
[+] and then hit install
[+] Installation successful
[+] Now to login use the email and password that you signed up with.
[+] Now your sms gateway setup is complete. To connect android device and sim  this apk.

SMS Gateway


Even though the scan showed it as malware, I didn’t see any problems. You can use it on a virtual computer if you want.If the download link is broken or no longer active please comment below we will fix as soon as possible

Download 🔓 Password: tr
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